Working alongside our responsible suppliers we are alway striving to be innovative and incorporate better practice that benefits both supplier and consumer. By only working with small community based factories and artisans we are able to ensure that our suppliers work to our code of conduct.


Being a supplier comes with great responsibility which is why we have worked very hard on building an open working relationship based on trust, so we can be sure they adhere to all ethical Standards. Our current extended family (supply base) are situated in Bolivia, Bali, Nepal, Morocco, Kenya and Ghana. 

Being a part of diaspora, it is very important that all i do is and extension and reflection of myself. I wanted to use this platform to wholeheartedly empower and celebrate people of colour throughout the world. My supply base is deliberately placed within communities of colour, its important that these artisans have a seat at the table and are recognised for their creative contribution to the world. These artisans embody the authentic skill set passed down from generation to generation, the West often tend to plagiarize these object produced with love simply for capital gain simply to dispose of them after the season ends. This store is all about reclaiming and celebrating these artisans giving them the credit rightly due.


Africa in particular is one of the fastest growing continents in the world today, we are abundant in natural resources and minerals. Often exploited by the west we are short changed and sometimes even cut out of deals that will in return grow our economy as a whole. Siku is all about exploring new opportunities and creating a positive social impact within communities based in Africa.