About Our Shop


Concept store

Siku is a concept store wihich is home to a collection of objects  made by humans. Influenced by society and the simplicity of nature. Forming everyday essentials, focusing on timeless 'forever objects' which embody modern day living. With Sustainability at our core, we plan to create objects that minimise environmental impact. Working alongside our responsible suppliers we will alway strive to be innovative and incorporate better practice that benefits both supplier and consumer.














meaning behind the name

Siku means daily in Swahili, to us the term day or daily is symbolic of routine and new beginnings.  We wanted a name that captured a new way of consumer behaviour. Our mission is to strip back the over consumption of objects without meaning and therefore allowing the consumer to make more conscious decisions. Our products are a slower alternative not led or influenced by trends, they are not to be purchased and disposed of seasonally - Instead they are objects you can integrate into your daily routine for many years to come.